4/98: Our testimony with an HR of our bulk condominium units in San Antonio Village, Makati City.


Mae our lease coordinator, gets a chance to interview the HR of one of our corporate clients in Makati, Philippines. This company is just a stone’s throw away from their residential units.





Our mantra focuses on our dedication to quality service. The  Property Management in the building is open during 8 am to 6 pm. Most of their needs after these hours are compromised. Problems such as leaks, minor repairs, and late deliveries through their units are being coordinated by our staff. This has earned us some
more referrals through their fellow employees. Sometimes, it get’s challenging to find units with the corporations that we handle. However, we never stop our marketing efforts to sustain their housing requirements.
If you know anyone who has condominium units in San Antonio Village area, please give us a message.

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3/98: Our 3rd interview, with a representative of the unit owner based in USA


Mae, our lease coordinator, follows up with Ms. Minda regarding some of her requests prior the move in of their tenant. Ms. Minda is the assigned representative of the unit owner. Since they have some more free time, Mae inquired on our usual routine questions on their satisfaction with our services.
Let’s check what Ms. Minda has to say about our leasing services.
Most of our clients, are balikbayans and professionals based abroad. Sometimes, they don’t know what to do with their units, making it idle and non-productive. Our staff is hands on with our rentals even without your presence. To check out our leasing program, don’t hesitate to post a message below.

Why are Real Estate Developers in the Philippines not aware of their poor customer service with their clients?

Most balikbayans and OFW’s who invested in a property in the Philippines, always had an issue with the developers. This is common especially for international clients. Some are already fed up with the back and forth thread of conversations thru emails between the developer and the client and most of the time, they decide to just cancel their investment.


I have no idea on the exact reason, but based from the issues that we handled before, here are some of our theories.

  1. Lack of training in handling real estate documentation concerns.


One of the major flops here is the lack of knowledge of the developers representative. Most of their employees are not fully equipped to handle the step by step procedure. Sometimes you cannot blame the frontliner officers since they have certain protocols to follow. One of the example, is the long wait for a required signature of different department heads before starting the particular resolution. Afterwards it will be passed on the different departments. The agent or the client can follow up, but in the process, no one in their office would take responsibility. In the end, the clients are sometimes compromised with penalties while account status are on hold while resolving the concern.

2. Miscommunication between departments.


This usually happens when we are going deeper in communications with the developer. For some reason, I do not understand, why these officers cannot just meet in person, when all of them are in the same building. Sometimes they even requested us to be present just to resolve their self inflected errors.

However, if it happens more than just once, it just takes up a lot of time.


3. High turnover in the Customer Service Departments.


The high turnover of the employees in the customer service and documentations department does not contribute to the resolution of the client concerns. These sections are sensitive positions, and it would only benefit the company if they take care of the people who handle these issues. We have a lot of experience dealing with new employees, who doesn’t know the history of the buyers account. Since this is the primary weakness of the developer, I think they should make some efforts to prolong the officers position.


The system of real estate in our country is not yet perfect. We have a lot of concerns that needs to be solved. These concerns start with the real estate developers and departments. To the agents and buyers, have you encountered any pressing issue with the developer that you would like to share? Comment on below.


Dancing towards 2018.

Our Annual Christmas party will be held very soon! In the spirit of Christmas, our local group in Makati office will also compete with the other Abba companies. Shown here is one of our practice sessions.


So guys, what do you think? Do we have a chance of winning the top prize??
To all of our clients and friends, Merry Christmas and a Happy 2018!
Arah Dayao
Operations Manager
+63915 567 7656
+632 956 3284

2/98: Our lessee raves about this development in Mall of Asia ( even if she works in Makati )


Our renter, Mavic, rave about her place in the Mall of Asia area. Normally, our renters in the business district would lease the unit so that they can be close to their office. It should be accessible by walking since it is always traffic in the city. But not this lessee. She liked the amenities and took her partner’s consideration to decide on the unit and some more.


Click play on the video below to check the short interview:

1/98: We partner with local Philippine banks to make it easier for our international buyers.


Our experience with different Philippine banks together with the real estate developers allows us to compare the ease of getting a loan for our clients.

Normally, a homebuyer based in another country would need to comply with the numerous requirements that is standard in getting a loan in the Philippines.partners

This includes the following:

  1. Personal appearance – Normally, a borrower would be required to physically be present in the branch. He / She will be interviewed until the bank officer is sold that the borrower has the capacity to pay.
  2. Declaration of Assets and Liabilities – The application form is a part of the borrowers ” risk factor ” in his/ her chance in defaulting payments. The officer would know the spending capacity together with the…
  3. Income Documents – This would sufficiently address the  financial capacity of the borrower.
  4. Documentation requirements – This is the submission of valid Id’s, signed documents, and proof of marital status.

We have handled the resolution of the different concerns regarding the approval of a home loan. Even if our client is a local or a foreigner, we have experienced some of their issues yet we always resolve it depending on their situation.


Here below is an interview with one of the few partner banks that we dealt with in partnership with Ayala.

Our relationship with our bank managers allows us to represent the approval of their bank loan efficiently and with the most competitive interests available in the market. Aside from that, compared with bank loan endorsements from the developers, we continue to follow through with every concern before it develops. I hate to say this, but we have some clients who have gone their own way in getting a random bank officer. Most of the balikbayans are not aware of the rates, thus, some of the bank officers took advantage by offering a higher than the standard rate. Our partnership with the different banks allows us to prevent this monopoly, and instead give you an honest advice on the bank ideal for the particular property.


So before you get your loan pre-approved, call us now for your free professional advice.


Arah Dayao
Operations Manager



98 Testimonies to lease with Abba 98

At the start of December ( or the end of the year. ) , we try to evaluate ourselves as a group if we have done our job in keeping up with our goals.

It has been a busy year for us, that it took a while for us to update here in the website. Finally, we have added some staff to help out with the addition of the new units for the lease or sale towards our prospects.

Our group is very active in all aspects of our services, that we do not have the time to market it online. We cannot put our abilities into words, so I will constantly post videos on these testimonies that makes us unique. 

For our current clients, they know how we work with them. But again, to survive and to get new clients, we have to relay the experience of our satisfied investors with our group.

Cheers and looking forward to a better 2018 and beyond.
                ARAH DAYAO

          Operations Manager

October 26, Thursday: Kangen 9 Global Thursday Meeting: How to diversify your portfolio with kangen and condominium rental properties in the Philippines

Kangen 9 Global Speaker, Mr. Jeffery Estana, will talk about his success as an independent distributor of the company. He will talk about how he started, and how he progressed from networker to a leader.



With his success in building a wide network, he has invested some of his savings in different assets.





The 2nd part of the talk would focus on the alternative investments that our kababayans in California may consider. Thee different kind of properties will be discussed briefly. One property is ideal for rental income, the 2nd one, is the sale of office condominiums in Manila and the last is about retirement lots for empty nesters. Different properties for different needs.



Join us on October 26 @ Comfort In Chula Vista.

6:60 to 8:30 pm.

Free dinner for our invited guests and RSVP.

It is the best time to network on this event together with like minded entrepreneurs.

RSVP now..

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Or you can send us a message below:

Condominium for Sale in Belton Place.

As a consistent property management company in the area of San Antonio Village in Makati, we are sending below the units for sale in Belton Place.
To know more on the future developments in the area please click this link
If you have any inquiries, please contact our office at:

Office No. 632 956-3284

Mobile No. +63 915 567-7656

US Line: 001 562 443 8556


Want to check out a property investment in Quezon City for just P 1 Million Pesos ( or $ 20,000 in US Dollars? )

With the global increase in property values in the Philippines. It is hard to find a property that is both ready for occupancy and easy on the pocket. With this concern on hand, we have looked at different properties and checked out their potential for investment or end use. And in this area of Quezon City, we have decided to add this condominium community to our listings.

Let me tell you why:

Light payment terms and Ready for Occupancy units


the manors_studio sample computation_1

The property only requires at least a spot downpayment of 10% to move in within 3 months.

Low density and decent amenities are already available.



5 floors per building and lots of open space to offer including a Central amenities of Swimming pool, Basketball Court and a  Central Clubhouse for neighbors to commune.

Proximity to major commercial malls and the future Quezon City Business District.

eton mall

It is 3 miles away from the future Quezon City Business District, Vertis North, Centris Offices and the Cloverleaf development in Balintawak area. These areas of development will include offices for future tenants of the Manors. Some of these employees and professionals would still consider the affordability of getting a unit near their workplace with a fixed budget as their top consideration.

Decent gross returns of 7 – 8.4%


The return on investment for our landlords in this area is between 7 to 8.4%. Not withstanding the potential for bigger gains once the construction of the commercial mall in the area start on full blast mode.

Limited payment term up to December 2017 only.

The proposed construction for the nearby commercial mall is expected to start on December 2017. Therefore, the promo pay term posted below is only good up to Dec. 31, 2017.

Here below is a sample computation for a studio unit. We only have 5 studio units available.

the manors_studio sample computation ($)

PowerPoint Presentation

If you have any inquiries, call us now at the following numbers:

Office No. 956-3284

Mobile No. (0915)567-7656

US Line: 001 562 443 8556